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Hi all and Welcome to The Art of Anti-Aging Blog! Erin Lucie here, I am the main writer of this blog and my husband, Micah, is the creative director, editor and developer of mostly the fitness and supplement information blogs. I wanted to make this blog as way to serve people and a way for me to clear my head of the random anti-aging facts, tips, tricks and techniques I have learned over the past 20 years! We are both in the health and wellness industry, and are really trying hard to live our life and grow our kids up healthy, but this day and age it is a challenge. So anything we have learned that has helped us, or hindered us, that we can share with you and your family to make you lives healthier and happier, we will try to do that on this blog. Here is a little excerpt from a local magazine that gives you a run down on us:

Here is an excerpt of Erin and Micah Lucie: Love at First Sight By Sarah Mitchell. Resident Feature December 2019; The Good Life South Tulsa, Southern Hills Neighbors and People of Midtown.

If you ask Erin and Micah Lucie how they met, they will tell you it was love at first sight. They were both in attendance at a mutual friend’s engagement party where Erin was a bridesmaid and Micah was to be a groomsman. “It was like meeting Cinderella,” Micah explained. “She was only at the party for a few minutes, and I had to ask around to see who she was and find her.” The couple actually got married 11 months later, before the couple that threw the engagement party. They married at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church in Tulsa on May 2, 2015. “It was an honor to be married at this location,” shared Erin. “My family has been members there for three generations, and my grandfather, Rev. Gordon Spencer, retired as a pastor there.”

Micah and Erin Lucie, Boston Avenue Methodist Church, Downtown Tulsa. Photo by Don Harris

Both Erin and Micah are Oklahoma natives. Erin, a Stillwater native, obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Oklahoma State University and also received her esthetics license. Wanting to focus on furthering her career in anti-aging medicine, she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Tulsa and completed a doctoral residency at The University of South Alabama. She currently owns Luminate Clinic, a boutique aesthetic and preventative medicine clinic, in Tulsa. Micah is a Tulsa native and holds a degree in marketing as well as a master’s degree in healthcare administration, both through Oklahoma State University. “I actually began my career path in banking,” said Micah. “After almost 10 years, I was presented with the opportunity to create and operate a landscaping company, Mesa Landscape. Unfortunately, after dealing with a series of personal and family health issues, I was forced to leave landscaping, but through this journey, I developed a passion for health and wellness optimization.” This led to the completion of his master’s degree in healthcare administration and his current position as  CEO at Luminate Clinic. “Having the opportunity to own a company and work together on the same mission, to improve people’s lives, is one of our biggest blessings,” Micah said. 

Photo by Brenda Horan- Fresh Focus Photography

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

– Matthew 6:21.

The Lucie family believes, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matthew 6:21. “This verse is on our wall in our home as a daily reminder that if our treasure, our family, is put into the hands of God, our hearts will be with him also,” said Erin. “We try not to worry so much about things that ultimately do not matter.”