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Your Complete Guide on How to Prepare for The 21 Day Belly Fix.

Over the years I have recommended this book’s plan to many clients, with great success… and some not so great but I feel it is due to a lack of community and preparedness that can occur when you read a book alone. I know I gave it rave review about it here, and it’s absolutely true, I do love it. But it’s hard. For real, it is not an easy 21 days but every day gets better. We are talking about not only correcting but also reversing years of damage caused by the standard American diet (SAD), antibiotics and hormone disruptors. But at the end of the 21 days it is so worth it. So let’s go through what you need to get going on your journey.

Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I recommend you shop small and local and you find many of these items in a natural grocery store near you.

The first thing you need is the book: 21 Day Belly Fix by Dr. Tasneem Bhatia.

Once you have the book in your hands I highly recommend reading it from start to finish. This way you know the why behind the how. If you don’t want to do that, you can kind of skip around and jump to the end, but again, this is a learning experience and I want you to take it all in and enjoy it.

The plan starts out pretty slow with a few days of belly rest, foods that are easily digested, and no exercise. Your mental strength and community support will get you through those days. What can frustrate readers is when an important supplement is all of a sudden added and it might not be readily available so make sure you put these supplements in your cart and have them on hand because you are going to need them at some point:

The Supplements:

  1. Glutamine,
  2. Digestive Enzymes,
  3. a Probiotic,
  4. a Prebiotic,
  5. and Aloe Juice.

It’s hard to know which supplement brands are good or not. I always recommend that you speak with you own health care provider when determining what brands to use for you personally. I have a professional practitioner account I let my own patients order proven medical grade supplements from. I will extend this opportunity to you all as well, once you make a free account, you can find them listed under my favorites for 21 day belly fix here.

Again, shop local if you can or if you are a fellow amazon shopper, and need over the counter supplements these are the brands that my husband and I have purchased in the past to complete this plan:

We like BulkSupplements because their supplements come in powder form rather than capsules and they promote clean and pure ingredients with no filler additives.

The inulin is a prebiotic fiber with plenty of health benefits including controlling diabetes and weight loss. The book does not specify when to take this but in general it should be take on an empty stomach or 2 hours before or after any medication or food. This allows the maximum amount of time in the intestines.

The Essentials:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Bone Broth

You will see these two frequently throughout the program. The ACV is easy to come by and can be purchased locally or online. We like the Bragg brand. You can make bone broth yourself or purchase it. A couple considerations to keep in mind. It takes hours, even days to make a good broth. You need to start this at least 32-48 hours in advance of when you need to be eating it. Also, if you purchase it, be mindful of the sodium content in your broth. Some brands range from 40mg and others go as high as 400mgs of sodium in a serving. We use Wholesome Wellness Collagen Bone Broth as it has only 45mg of sodium and all the right amounts of everything else. There has been a recent concern about lead in bone broths, and I am looking into this and will update as I know more.

One last thing:

You need to be able to make some smoothies. I have had the same blender for the past 15 years. I loved it because it was glass and had one button and cleaned easily. Unfortunately, it was dropped recently and I needed to purchase a new one ASAP and I wanted to get one that we could keep at the office so this is what we bought; the Sboly Personal Blender. If you are not making your own smoothies, please look at the sugar and sodium content on the label to ensure it is reasonable.

That is it!

Other then the fresh food you will be purchasing as you go, that is all the supplements and items you will have sneak up on you as you go through the plan. I know it sounds overwhelming but now that I have laid them all out for you, you can grab them all now or on your next grocery trip and just get it out of the way. There is nothing else holding you back at this point. So go get your gut healthy again! I hope you found this helpful to have all your supplements listed in one place and can now be mentally and physically prepared to do the 21 Day Belly Fix by Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, M.D.

Let me know how your journey goes in the comments below!

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