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5 Reasons Why I Recommend the 21 Day Belly Fix Book to Everyone

I bought 21 Day Belly Fix about 4 years ago after seeing the author Dr. Tasneem Bhatia speak at the American Academy of Anti-Aging world conference. I specifically went to her lecture to learn about gut health because my husband was having some major gut issues that he was unable to get control over even with medication. It was honestly our last hope because we knew we needed to get him off that medication because of the negative side effects. 

The 21 Day Belly Fix book takes you through the why and how of this protocol. I am not going to go into that, you need to buy the book for those details. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I also suggest supporting your local book dealer if possible.  This post is just about why I love this book, not not plan itself.

  1. It cured my husbands heartburn

The reason this is so important is that 5-10% of people with untreated heartburn will get Barrett’s esophagus. A risky condition where the stomach acid causes precancerous cells.  20 percent of American adults experience heartburn at least twice a week. And while we probably shrug off heartburn, pop a Tums and considered it common, it does not make it normal or ok. Unfortunately, esophageal cancer is now on the rise and in 1:132 men and 1:455. I would assume from the standard American Diet (SAD). So to have my husband’s heartburn cured… this was a huge blessing for us.

  1. It got my husband off his medication

Recently a popular heartburn medication was taken off the market for it’s cancer-causing ingredients but even 5 years ago one of our physicians was warning us that heartburn medication was meant to be used for short term, we are talking weeks, not years. And that physician couldn’t be certain that it didn’t cause dementia or micronutrient deficiencies, the evidence wasn’t there at the time, but he couldn’t in good faith recommend it and wanted diet changes. After the 21 Day Belly Fix, the heartburn was gone and the medication was done. 

  1. Has helped my patients with anxiety and depression

One thing I do not think many people realize is that 90% of our neurotransmitter serotonin is made in the digestive tract. Serotonin relays signals that make us happy. If we do not have a happy belly we do not have a happy mind. Simple as that. This is the first book I recommend to those with mood disorder.

  1. Has helped my patients with Weight Loss

On average I see about 7-8lbs of fat loss during the 21 days. And the whole point of the book is to help get your digestive juices flowing and microbiome healthy so that you may continue to burn more fat. This plan also promotes a healthy start to getting your hormones back on track. Not saying, you won’t need a hormone replacement, but it’s can’t hurt to at least try to get your body to optimize it’s own hormone production.

  1. It’s not a diet or a detox

It’s the closest thing to a reset button that I have found.

21 Day Belly Fix is not a diet or a detox. Ok, Dr. Tasneem calls it a diet, but I wouldn’t classify it as such as a diet is what a person habitually eats. This is just 21 days. It is a specialized program that walks you through step-by-step on how to heal you gut. One of the things I like about it is we have been able to revisit it a few times. Like I said, my husband did the diet a few years ago full 21 days. But whenever we have had to do a round of antibiotics or steroids or have had a crazy month, like ‘the holidays’ we repeat it. Even if we just do the first 3 days of gut rest, or 7 or 10 days… there is a notable improvement in our overall health. It’s the closest thing to a reset button that I have found.

If you want to read more about what to expect from the 21 Day Belly Fix book and the supplies you need you can do that here and follow along for updates on my own personal journey with it.

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