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Auntie B and Me. Finding the artist in you.

I haven’t picked up a paint brush in over a year.

And its been over 10 years since I have completed a charcoal drawing. Charcoal was always my favorite medium to work with because it was messy and hard to control while at the same time I could create more depth and contours with it than with any other media. And while I have traded in my pencils for needles and canvas’ for faces, I still like to think of myself as an artist. By definition, an artist is a person skilled at a particular task or occupation. The art of anti-aging blog is about trying to find the best ways to a prevent chronic disease pathways and promote health living all the while preserving our own individual beauty, inside and out.

My Aunt Brenda passed away last year. Brenda was, as my sister put it, our greatest champion. She was always there for us, cheered us on, encouraged us to follow our hearts and inspired us to be artists in our own way. Her career was in an office but she went back to school and earned her Masters in Fine Arts. Working late nights at the studio to accomplish her dreams. Finishing her degree wasn’t the end of it though, there were still many more long nights creating beautiful sculptures for local fundraisers, galleries, and events. Her love for the arts and dedication to her community was an inspiration to many.

When you walked into Brenda’s house, the first thing you would see was a painting of a lady literally carving and sculpting herself with a hammer and chisel (I will see if I can obtain the artists permission to post that painting on here). Brenda loved this representation that you have to constantly work on yourself, you have to create and recreate yourself as time goes one. 

I often wonder what Aunt Brenda would think or say about certain situations in my life. She was there at the beginning of my career in aesthetic medicine. She never missed an open house or event. And was always a happy model for new procedures and products. She took great care of her skin and look years younger then her age. Her secret she said was sunscreen… prevention is the true secret to aging.

Brenda had arthritis and said she felt better when doing a gluten free, anti-inflammatory diet, some years she was vegetarian, sometimes she wasn’t… but she was trying to find the best possible solutions for her aches and pains. We talked about these things on occasion; what medication is available, what are the side effects, what are the best foods, what are the best supplements, what does the research say now… And while she and her doctors could never get to her root cause and she was taken from this earth suddenly and far too soon, I try to think about everything she taught me; how to live life, to inspire others, to help your community. I couldn’t save her, but I constantly think about what are some things I can do to save myself, my husband, my children? What knowledge can I pass onto my patients, my clients and pass onto you? That is what this blog is about… life. Living life and sharing life together. A lifestyle blog on trying to do the rights things, eat the right things, taking the best supplements to bridge those gaps in nutrition, optimizing your mind, freeing your spirit, strengthening your body. Because at some point our bodies will be put to the test, and I hope we are ready to fight.

What are somethings you are doing right now to prepare your skin, body and mind to stand the tests of time and gravity?

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